The place where we live is defined in global history by many individuals who have lived here before us.  Some of these people became famous; some of them took part in events recorded in our history books, and some were cherished only by their families and local communities. 

Here, we celebrate some of their stories.

Standing stone
Barbara Hepworth sculpture
Scoria swirls
Treslothan wall
North door of Mullion church

Human stories resonate with us because of our long, collective experiences of story-telling in pre-literate societies.  As the world becomes more based on computer logic, a step back in time can help re-calibrate our values to what we find important.


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Since moving to Cornwall 13 years ago, the impact of the geology, and the mining heritage of the landscape here, has been impossible to ignore.  Many churchyards here are wonderful, green spaces for family walks, and an interest in the lives that have populated this post-industrial landscape has been a natural progression.  It's  amazing to see how much of 'world' history has links to the places much closer to home. 

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