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A K Hamilton-Jenkin

Historian of Cornwall and prolific author

29th October 1900 - 20 August 1980

The weather was cold and bright on the day I set off to place a Cornwall ‘Heart’ stone at the resting place of A K Hamilton-Jenkin; one of the wonderful winter days that Cornwall sometimes offers to remind us that the spring will return!
In the large cemetery adjacent to the beautiful St Euny church, the absence of leaves on many of the imposing trees gave an open and inviting aspect to the setting. Previously, I had last come through here in the summer and then, with the trees in full leaf


Josiah Paull

Mine Manager at South Crofty for almost 30 years

1871 - 11th January 1947

The approach from the east to the church in Tuckingmill, at the edge of Camborne, is rather dramatic: a steep valley lined with houses, and the spire of the church prominent in the tree-brushed skyline. Despite the road being busy with cars, it is easy to imagine this area how it was one hundred or more years ago.


Thomas Merrit

Composer and Musician

26th October 1863 - 17 April 1908

It was cold and dry, with a strong wind, on the day that I visited the grave of Thomas Merrit, the talented composer and musician from Illogan, who despite beginning life as a miner, went on to become a self-taught musician of national and international fame.
The location of the resting place of Thomas Merrit is indicated on arrowhead signs through the churchyard, but the route they take is a circuitous one: looping under the large sycamore and beech trees that thrive here