Cissie Rogers

Munitionette at the Hayle factory

20th December, 1916
Buried at:  
Phillack churchyard

Following a shortage of explosive shells at the front line in 1915, the Ministry of Munitions was set up by David Lloyd George to ensure the problem didn't reoccur. This entailed the setting up of 147 additional munition factories,staffed largely by women, including sites at Camborne and Hayle. The work, by its nature, was dangerous, and deaths from chemical exposure or explosions were not uncommon, though the majority of incidents were not reported in the press, lest it affect national morale.

Cissie Rogers is one of only a handful of identified cases; she was killed alongside May Stoneman as a result of an accident at the National Explosive Factory in Hayle, whilst processing cordierite. She was 20 years old at the time of her death.


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