John Nicholas

Cornish miner who died in British Columbia

3rd November, 1904
Buried at:  
St Day Road cemetery, Redruth

Born in Redruth to a father who was a tin miner, John Nicholas and his brother William, 12 years his senior, initially worked near to their home town: William as a mine carpenter, and John as a grocer's assistant when he was 17.

By the time of the 1901 census, John was 27, and working as a tin miner to support his new wife and baby son (also called William), he was working as a tin miner. John must have migrated to Canada not long after the 1901 census: he found work there as a miner, but unfortunately John died in Ladysmith, aged 31, of a form of pulmonary tuberculosis, after an illness of 4 months.


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