Lionel & Frederick Hall

Brothers killed a year apart in World War 2

22nd August 1941 & 4th December 1942
Buried at:  

Lionel Douglas Hall was in service with the Royal Artillery when he was killed in August 1941, while attached to the Royal Air Force. He had been born during the First World War in Essex, and his parents were living in Surrey at the time of his death. He was 25 years old. See also:

Frederick Claude Hall was a Lieutenant in the Artists Rifle brigade, and the brother of Lionel Douglas Hall in the Royal Artillery. Frederick was seconded to the 1st Battalion of the East Sussex Regiment when he was killed, age 27, early December 1942, just over a year after his brother was killed. In addition to his name on the grave here, he is additionally commemorated on the war memorial at Medjez-al-Bab, in Tunisia. His wife, Pamela Mavis Hall, was from Sevenoaks in Kent.


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