Richard Trevithick

Pioneering Cornish engineer

22nd April, 1833
Buried at:  
Pool, Station Road - birth site

Richard Trevithick was born in Pool, Cornwall. During his working life he developed steam-powered pumping equipment that allowed mine-shafts to be sunk to greater depths than previously, allowing more of the metalliferous lodes to be extracted. He also famously pioneered steam-powered transport, with the creation of the Puffing Devil. He is celebrated every year at Trevithick Day in Camborne, in late April

A stone marking the place where he was born is on Station Road in Pool, and in the churchyard of St Meriadoc in Camborne, a slate memorial has been placed in memory of his parents, alongside the burial site of the Vivian family, members of whom worked with him to build his first steam-powered road vehicle.

Richard Trevithick's parents are buried near to the church at St Meriadoc, but the exact location is not known, as their burial predates burial-maps for the churchyard. Richard Trevithick is buried in Dartford, Kent.

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