Violet and George Fisher

Red Lion at Blackwater - Landlord and Lady during World War Two

12th August 1944 & 10th April�1961
Buried at:  

Violet and her husband George were the landlords of the Red Lion Inn at Blackwater from 1940 until 1947. Violet and George's grave is rather distinctive, having separate holders for lavender and rosemary built-in to the grave design.

George and Violet were originally from the south-east, having married each other relatively late in life, in East Ham in 1931. They moved to Cornwall from central London, where they kept The Black Swan in Carter Lane - near St Paul's cathedral - until it was destroyed during The Blitz in 1940. George and his wife Violet must have been relieved to move to the tranquility of Cornwall, and they stayed here for the rest of their lives.

Violet passed away in 1946. George gave up the tenancy of the pub less than a year after his wife died, and he passed away near Truro, fifteen years later. There appear to have been no children from their marriage.


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