William Shilson

Eminent Victorian who developed Tremough gardens

28th March, 1875
Buried at:  
St Laudus, Mabe

William Shilson was an eminent figure in Victorian times in this part of Cornwall. He lived at Tremough House, now part of the University of Exeter in Cornwall campus and was a partner in the solicitors firm Shilson, Coode and Co. based in St Austell. He also had interests in banking, gunpowder manufacture (at Kennal Vale) and served on the Committees of various mines. He was respoonsible for the development of the Gill rhododendron collection at Tremough, which still flourishes today. After his death, his departure was lamented as depriving society of a man who was 'courageous, kind and considerate'. His wife, Anne, continued to live at Tremough until her death in 1896 and sadly, one of their daughters, Annie, died at Seaton in Devon in the same year as her father, aged only 31.

You can find out more about the gardens at Tremough, and plan a visit, here.


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