Finding our Feet

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

How can we revert to 'normal'? What is, in fact, this normal about which we have heard so much? Change is a part of life, to be embraced and welcomed, and the time we have had - as individuals and as a society - out of our habitual patterns can be used to inform and nurture what comes next.

Looking back, say 50 or 100 years, we can see that the lives people lived then were very different from how we live now. So change does happen on human time-scales, not just evolutionary ones: we are the masters of our own ships, not galley-slaves being told to row somewhere not of our choosing!

We can draw strength for these transitions through contact with the verdant, natural spaces around us, a flexible strength, to facilitate changes we want to see in ourselves and our communities, to bring in to being ways of living that are important to us. Covid-19 is part of nature, too, just as much as soaring birds and majestic trees...

All these components are part of our reality, and spending more time outside, as our forebears would have done as they walked/worked during their lives, can help us feel more a part of that continuum of change: the oak leaves bud, fluoresce in the spring sunlight, become more substantial in the summer then are shed, trodden, and turn to mush....rotten humus that supports new life, new leaves and creates new shade, in which to stop and ponder the route our path will take.

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