At this wonderful, peaceful church by the beach - indeed, the beach is partly in the churchyard! - the memorial for Albert Dexter sits quietly near the beach where he lost his life.  There are no grave-pots here; we suggest leaving a pot of lavender in rememberence, to enhance the insect life here in the graveyard. Alternatively, we can leave a potted Rosemary plant, if you prefer - a plant long associated with memories of those who have passed away.  

Albert Dexter


Mr Albert Dexter, age 31, from Loughborough, was visiting Corwall on holiday with friends when he was tragically drowned while attempting to save the life of his friend Mr Sydney Wykes. 

Albert Dexter was a partner in the firm of Solicitors Burgess and Dexter, and was holidaying at Mullion when a morning swim in Poldu Cove became the scene of tragedy. Two of Mr Dexter's friends were swimming and got in to difficulties with strong currents, and Mr Dexter, an exceptionally strong swimmer, was able to bring one of them, Mr Webb, back to shore, then went out in to the water again to help the second man.

Perhaps tired by the earlier exertion, has wasn't able to help, and tragically died in the attempt. He is buried here alongside the friend he was trying to save, Mr Sydney Wykes.