To recognise the contribution that Donald made during the Second World War, we think it would be most appropriate to leave a painted 'poppy' stone at his resting place.   There is a grave-pot at this site, so alternatively we can leave fresh roses - either white or red - in memory of this young man who died too soon.

Donald Francis


15th December 1941 - St Day Road Cemetery, Redruth

Donald, the brother of Verona Francis, was serving on the HMS Galatea with the Royal Navy when he was killed in action in December 1941, less than 6 months after his sister had died. 

Donald was working as a Canteen Assistant onboard the ship when it was hit by a missile shot from a German submarine near to Alexandria, Egypt.  Over 450 people perished; around 100 were picked up by allied destroyers in the area.  Prior to the war, he was working as a Farm Hand.  His mother, Annie, was living at 5 Middle Row, Redruth Highway at the time.