This grave is the resting place of the boy who died alongside Robert Munting when an unmarked mine killed them at the beach just near to the churchyard where they're buried.  A pot of Rosemary, a plant long associated with rememberence, seems the ideal choice to acknowledge the untimely death of Harry. His parents are also buried here.  Alternatively, we can leave a bunch of flowers grown in Cornwall, when available, wrapped to keep them fresh.  

Harry Dale


23rd July 1944 - Gunwalloe Churchyard

Harry and his friend Ronald Munting seem to have been evacuated together to Cornwall from Hornsey Rise, and must have been housed with a family fairly close to Gunwalloe Cove.

The boys were killed when they wandered on the beach and accidentally triggered an explosion from an unmarked mine which killed them both.  Harry's parents evidently survived the Blitz, and were bured here alongside their son in 1971 and 1973.