The large trees here in the Victorian part of Falmouth cemetery provide a lot of shade, so it's likely that potted plants may not thrive here. We would suggest leaving either a bunch of white carnations, wrapped for maximum freshness, or a painted 'Cornwall' theme stone to commemorate this brave engineer.   Alternatively, we would be pleased to leave a bunch of fresh flowers grown in Cornwall, when they are in season.  

Henry Phillip Creese


Henry Creese was a Deck Engineer on board the Titanic, who was one of the many to lose his life when the ship sank in April 1912. 

Henry was born in 1868 in Falmouth, and was 45 at the time of his death.  A year before the fateful voyage, he is recorded as living in Enfield Grove, Woolston, an area just to the east of Southampton, with his wife Elizabeth (also born in Falmouth) and two daughters born in 1898 in Cardiff and 1904 in Southampton, respectively.  So it would seem that Henry had moved around the UK whilst working as a Marine Engineer.

This gravestone records the death of a young son, Henry, in 1905, who had been born in Dorset; the burial record shows they were living in Harbour Terrace at this time, so maybe Henry Snr had moved his family to live here for a few years before moving back to Southampton. 

Online research reveals Henry Phillip is also mentioned on the headstone of his parents - Charles and Jane Creese - in Plymouth.  On this memorial is also mentioned William, an older brother of Henry, who was killed in action in 1917 aged 60.