There is a wonderful, rounded vase incorporated in to the grave site here, which one can imagine Emily would have come to fill with flowers for her deceased husband and son in the years before she passed away. We would like to leave fresh flowers here - white chrysanthemums, white roses or a bunch of flowers grown in Cornwall (when available).  

Hosking family


Emily: 14th January 1944 - Phillack Churchyard

The Hosking family were farmers at the wonderful Riviere Farm: a listed building on the edge of Phillack, built in the mid-1850s with ample space to stable pack mules of the Cornish Copper Company and their associated fodder and equipment.  The farm itself is partly built of the waste material - scoria - of the smelting furnaces that were the mainstay of the economy here 150 years ago. 

John was born at Gwithian, but by 1891 he is seen to be living at Riviere Farm with his two younger sisters, aged 21 and 15.  In the 1891 census, it can be seen that the youngest of John's sisters has a friend staying with them...who is a younger sister of Emily!  So presumably, this is how John and Emily came to know one another.   Emily was born in Phillack, and came from a family of tailors: she was the eldest of six children, all girls except one boy.  

John and Emily married in 1892, and their eldest child, a girl, was born in 1893, and followed by three boys, the last of whom was born when Emily was in her mid-forties, in 1911.  Their eldest son, Reginald Clarence Hosking, remained on the farm with them until he passed away in 1951, seven years after his father John had died.  Emily passed away in Phillack in 1954, in her early 90s.