The setting here in this open and restful cemetery can be rather windy, so we would suggest that a potted plant - either rosemary or lavender - is better to leave here than fresh flowers, which would be likely to be blown away! Alternatively, we can leave a painted stone - 'Cornwall' theme, or with a heart (or a Cornwall heart), to remember these three young brothers who never met each other.  

Jeffery brothers - William, Willie & Clarence


William, Clarence and Willie - died around one year old

The parents of these young boys, William and Minnie (Mary Elizabeth) were married in the Penzance district in spring 1894, where William was working as a farmer. Soon afterwards, the family must have moved north in to the Redruth area where their first child- a daughter, prettily-named Olive Geraldine - was born in the spring of 1896.  

Their next child, a boy called William Cecil born in January 1898, sadly died aged just 10 months, and their next two sons, Clarence Lloyd and Willie Rodney, born in August 1899 and November 1901, respectively, also both died before or after their first birthdays; what difficult times these must have been for the family.  

By 1901, William was a market gardener at Goon Farm, Redruth, and in 1908 another son, Claude Athelstan, was born, who lived in to adulthood.  By 1911, the family was living at Wall Farm, Gwinear, where William was farming.  Later in life, perhaps as William got older, the family were living back in the centre of Redruth, along Mount Ambrose.