The site here is open and sunny, so we would recommend either a painted 'heart' stone, or a potted plant of rosemary in rememberance of this little boy who died so far from his home and family. Alternatively, there is a flower-holder here, which we would be pleased to fill with flowers grown in Cornwall (when available).  

John A Lambert


8th April 1940 - St Day Road Cemetery, Redruth

John Lambert was a child of seven, evacuated to Cornwall during the Second World War, when he died at Camborne Isolation Hospital, Tehidy. This institution was mainly used for patients with tuberculosis, so we may assume this is what ailed John, and is the reason for his early death.

Online research suggests John was evacuated to Cornwall from either Barnet (in north London) or Liverpool.  He may have been lodged with a family somewhere in the Redruth area, before being tranferred to hospital, or if he was already ill prior to evacuation, he may have been moved directly to the hospital from a ward elsewhere. 

In line with the government advice to maintain morale, reference to his death cannot be found in any newspapers of the time. Given the restrictions during the war, one can doubt whether his parents were able to come and visit him during his last days.