The headstone for Josiah and his wife is very close to the path that leads from the church through the graveyard, not leaving much space to lay flowers.  We'd suggest leaving either a painted 'Cornwall' stone to commemorate this talented engineer, or a potted plant of rosemary in rememberence.

Josiah Paull


11th February 1947 - Roskear Churchyard, Camborne

Josiah Paull was born in Camborne at Roskear Villas in 1871 to a father from Cornwall and a mother from Somerset; his father was likely to have worked in the mining sector, as Josiah had 3 older siblings born in Austrailia between 1861 and 1863. His father passed away when Josiah was 7 or 8 and his mother took to farming to support her family. 

Josiah married Julia Edwards in Camborne in 1896, and shortly after they moved to the Transvaal area of South Africa where their eldest child was born. By 1899 they were back in Camborne, where Julia gave birth to a second child.  

Josiah was Mine Captain of South Crofty from 1903 to 1930 and was on the Board of Directors for the mine until he retired in 1943.  He passed away in 1947, and his wife Julia died ten years later.   There is more information about Josiah's life in the Museum at Heartlands, which is well worth a visit: