In the open setting of this largely Victorian cemetery, Hannah and Rosina's resting place is fairly central, and well illuminated, so a potted plant of rosemary - long associated with rememberence - would flourish here. Alternatively, perhaps a painted heart-stone would be appropriate or, given that their father was a gardener, a bunch of flowers grown in Cornwall (when available).

Saunders Sisters


Rosina Grace Saunders died Jan 1909, age 3 months, and her sister, Hannah Goninan Saunders, lived to be almost 85 years old. 

These two sisters from the Redruth area  are commemorated here together, along with the touching epitaph: 'God has given us memories that we may have roses in December'.

Hannah must have had fond memories of her little sister from the early part of her life; when she was young, her father was a gardener for the gentleman's residence at Parkhenver,  at the edge of Redruth, and the family lived at Penventon Terrace, nearby.  Hannah's mother's maiden name had been Goninan, which explains Hannah's unusual middle name.