The resting place here has two flower vases set in to it, which we would be pleased to fill with fresh blooms in memory of Stanley and for his parent's loss.  Choose between flowers grown in Cornwall (when available) or white chrysanthemums, which we will trim and place in fresh water here.  Alternatively, we can deliver a painted Poppy stone in recognition of Stanley's war service. 

Stanley Street


19th December 1941 - St Day Road Cemetery, Redruth

Stanley was only 17 years old when he was seving onboard the cruiser

HMS Neptune during enemy action in the Mediterranean.  Having been born and raised in Redruth, he was serving onboard with the Royal Navy as a 'Boy, 1st Class' during the First battle of Sirte, an engagement between the British Navy and that of Italy that took place on 17th December 1941.  The ship he was serving on left Malta in the early hours of 19th December to pursue part of the Italian force but ran in to a minefield 20 miles off Tripoli, hit 4 mines in succession and was sunk, with the loss of 767 lives, with only one survivor. 

Given Stanley's young age, it is likely that this was his first posting; a sad loss of a young life.  His parents, Stanley, who was born in Falmouth, and Clara from Redruth, are also commemorated here.