A gft of a Cornwall-theme painted stone can be delivered to commemorate the life of this young Cornishman who drowned when the Titanic was sunk.  Alternatively, we can leave flowers grown in Cornwall here, or white roses here - wrapped for freshness - as a momento of his loss.  



Stephen Curnow


15th April 1912 - Barnoon Cemetery, St Ives

Stephen Curnow is noted to have been a Second Class passenger on the Titanic, and his body was not recovered after the ship tragically sank in April 1912.   Stephen is commemorated here alongside other members of his family, including his father John, a blacksmith, and his mother, Catherine. 

Stephen was a passenger on the Titanic while returning to the US, having emigrated there from the St Ives area in 1903 and found work in the Michigan area as a copper miner. His brother, William, also emigrated to the US some time after 1903, though he was not onboard the Titanic on its fateful voyage.  More details of Stephen's life, and photos, can be found at:  www.encyclopedia-titanica.org