At this wonderful, peaceful church by the beach - indeed, the beach is partly in the churchyard! - the memorial for Sydney Wykes sits quietly near the dunes.  As there are no grave-pots, we suggest leaving a pot of lavender or pot of rosemary in rememberence, to enhance the insect life here in the graveyard.

Sydney Wykes


7th August 1900 - Gunwalloe Churchyard, The Lizard

A tragic accident whilst in Cornwall on holiday led to the death of Mr Sydney Wykes, age 34, a solictor from Leicester.  

Sydney was on holiday with three friends - Mr Webb, Mr Dexter and Mr Webb's father - when a morning swin at Poldu Cove went tragically wrong.  Strong currents took hold of Mr Wykes and Mr Webb, pulling them both out to the open sea: Mr Dexter, an expert swimmer who had received a lifesaving medal, went to their aid, and successully bought Mr Webb back to shore where he was revived. Going in to the sea for a second time, Mr Dexter attempted to save Mr Wykes, but was unable to do so, and perished himself during the attempt. 

The two men are buried here together.